when all the other seats in the cinema are taken

Once upon a time, about 1 b.c.19 (1 year before covid19), I went to the cinema. The cinema was full, the room small and stuffy. When the screening began, a man sat next to me who was characterized by practicing extreme water conservation in his washing machine and bathtub. At the first moment I wanted to move, but all the seats were occupied. In the second I wanted to run away. And in the third I thought to myself: hey, Kowalski, and accept that this is nothing more than the natural smell of man. After all, this is how people have "smelled" for hundreds of thousands of years, this is the scent of our species. And what happened then was some kind of witchcraft. The subject simply disappeared; the smell stopped bothering me. It was present, of course, but after a while it fused with the background, escaped my attention. It made me think that I could so easily take control over my own feelings, escape the value judgments resulting from the imposed norms. And completely unprompted, I let myself be drawn into the plot of the film Parasite. 

Attached photo - Flood from the Sky - Sandomierz 2010, composition #75