Event Horizon


Beyond time, on a cosmic scale, a visual record of an intimate human experience. Straight from the depths. Premiere planned for Fall 2022.

With the beginning of winter, I set out on a journey in search of harmony. Driven by instinct, I ventured farther and farther until I passed the boundaries of rationality. Between the beginning of January '21and the end of March I’ve taken 76 solo flights in a gyrocopter or a motorized paraglider, passing a route of about 10 000 kilometers in space, spending 200 hours in the air. The pictures were taken from a height of approx. 150 m above bodies of water in northern Poland, near Tricity where I live.

Whether it was fog or snow, frost or thaw, I took to the sky to see if it was possible to fly. If possible, I flew over frozen bodies of water to orbit the shimmering structure of the ice, fascinated by its forms, experiencing the feeling of overview and taking pictures.

Ice world!
How deeply and infinitely real you are.
My home and my interior.

The Event Horizon functions separately as well as complementing Arché. Both projects were created in similar locations and physical conditions, in a sense they are one, and couple like day and night, inside and outside, yin-yang.

Work on the project is ongoing. The book will premiere in the fall of 2022, published by Dutch company 1605 Publishers founded by Bastiaan Woudt. With foreword by British writer Robert Macfarlane, curated by Wiktoria Michałkiewicz. The first exhibition of the project will take place at the National Gallery of Art in Sopot, in September 2022, during W Ramach Sopotu Festival curated by Maja Kaszkur.

Event Horizon is a finalist in POY'79th contest Link to results.