Photographs in the form of limited, signed and numbered prints are available through the galleries that represent me. Prints are made under my supervision on archival papers that meet the requirements for collector's photography. For photographs taken up to 2016, the aspect ratio is mainly 6:4 and then 6:4.5 due to a change in photographic technology. The height of the print results from the aspect ratio. For the readability of the catalogue the formats are presented together, for example 60x45 cm | 60x40 cm. The editions contain different formats, are total, their names are inspired by the international aviation correspondence alphabet.


Echo: 7+2AP

Total edition, only the first three prints can be smaller.
  • 60x45 | 60x40 cm
  • 120x90 | 120x80 cm

  • X-Ray: 3+1AP.

    One format, edition available only for some photographs.
  • 180x135 | 180x120 cm

  • Unique.

    One print only, no AP. 


    Alpha: 7+2AP*

    Total edition, not every photograph includes the largest format
  • 120x90 | 120x80 cm
  • 180x135 | 180x120 cm

  • Bravo: 3+2AP*

    Total edition, smaller prints, currently one dimention:
  • 60x45 | 60x40 cm

  • Project OVER

    The project was presented with the following structure:
  • 75x50cm, 7+1AP
  • 105x70cm, 5+1AP
  • 150x100cm, 3+1AP
  • 225x150cm, 1+1AP

  • In autumn 2021, I reduce the the above scheme for OVER to one total edition of 7+2AP, keeping the initial structure. This means that in 75x50 cm format a maximum of 7 prints are available, in 105x70 cm format a maximum of 5, in 150x100 cm format a maximum of 3, in 225x150 cm format only one print - all together in one total edition of 7+2AP. Please note, that not every photograph from the OVER project is offered in all formats, and reduction does not apply to compositions: OVER#51, OVER#52.

    *Side Effects

    Alpha and Bravo are the oldest editions for my photographs. They were created with a simple rule: in Alpha Edition the longer side is at least 100 cm, in the Bravo Edition no more than 75 cm. Both were usually in 7+2AP copies, but not always. For many years I enjoyed the flexibility of photography by offering different formats within total edition Alpha and Bravo. After all, a series of prints is not made in one sitting in the darkroom (the prototype of the edition) as it used to be, what matters today is the total print run within the edition's assumptions. I was able to look at my own relationship with the work, how it changes with the mood, the exhibition, the moment. Sometimes I saw a 105x70cm photograph and sometimes a 150x100 in the Alpha edition. This caused complications with building a clear structure for the catalogue of works. Now I offer prints 120cm or 180cm wide in the Alpha edition, and 60cm in the Bravo edition. The shorter side is due to the proportions of the image. All images in the Alpha edition with a larger print run are reduced to 7+2AP. All images in the Bravo edition have been reduced to 3+2AP - apart from exceptions where reduction is not possible due sales. I have taken this decision to simplify the rules and further limit the offer. With the same intention I introduce uniques to the market.


    If you own a 50x33 cm or 75x50 cm print in the Bravo edition, or 105x70 cm, 150x100 cm, 160x120 cm, 200x133 cm, 200x150 cm, 225x150 cm or any other print in the Alpha edition - or you find a print on offer on the secondary market, it means that a print in that format is in some way unique and has the characteristics of a vintage print.