Art for Ukraine


Art for UKRAINE! This Wednesday, Desa Unicum is organizing an art auction to benefit refugees. You can help Ukraine and, at the same time, become the owner of work donated by artists - from the heart.

On Desa Unicum auction You'll also find my composition prepared especially for this occasion at the auction. Referring to the flag of Ukraine, I created it from my own motif: the combined "beach blankets" from Władysławowo, which I have been photographing since forever. I started this project in 2012 - after the Euro football tournament, organized jointly by both nations. It was a good time. And today - we are all Ukrainians!

Link to auction

In addition to my beach, there are many great works donated by collectors and artists, there is something for everyone - so check it out: Pawel Kowalewski, Abakanowicz, Dwurnik and many, many others. Please join in, bid, all funds will be donated to refugees! 

Edition 1+1AP, 81x81cm, Archival print, Poland, 2012-2022. 

PS. By the way thank you to studio A.M. Cieślawski from Poznań for support: funding the box and express printing.