back to the past


Flying over the forest has something in common with diving on the reef. Unforgettable sensations, movement in space and color.

This picture was sitting in a drawer until today. And today, exceptionally, there will be nothing about politics. It will be about context. From that flight I remember the color - the overflowing yellow. It is a very Polish word - from our, Polish characters. Maybe that's why this photo surfaced just now.

I also remember the structure from that flight - it reminded me of one of Paweł Młodkowski's cycles. Maybe that is why I noticed this detail then - because it was the main motif of the whole series by Paweł. It was the time when I really enjoyed the company of other photographers. There was Jerzy Gumowski, Dariusz Paciorek, Dariusz Bógdał, the late Piotr Krupa and a few other great guys. I don't know if they had the same, but for me they were the context - buddies, competitors, friends. I met them from time to time at the exhibition, at the start line or at the competition results table. We cooperated with each other unconsciously. Today I do not meet people in the air. And I miss them. 

Put those lawnmowers of yours on my back and let's go flying. Guma, where did your favorite phrase from Ascended go, that "a man has to fly once in a while"? 

From the Side Effects project, Autumn#70, Poland 2015.