covid19 - photographers for healthcare


Only until tomorrow! Those who don't catch on, won't have one. A symbolic amount translates into a very tangible collective financial result and an even greater visual result - on the walls - as a memento of those twisted times.

Do you like this picture?

Now it costs a symbolic amount, and the money - instead of going to me - goes to support the doctors. To EVERYONE who buys a photo through the link below (20x20cm format), I will write a wonderful dedication, record a turbo funny video with wishes or anything else you wish (I can even sing a hundred years on a close-up, but - believe me - you really don't want that)

- maybe you keep the photo as a memento of this strange time of isolation?

- maybe you can send it as a gift to someone you miss?

--> the action is organized by the super people of the Szamotuły Photography Week, supported by the Union of Polish Art Photographers: ZPAF

(I have also already chosen a photo to buy my wife, from whom I can't isolate myself...)