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25 years with my head in the clouds, or how to take a paraglider from a small mountain in Kashubia straight to a photo exhibition in New York. (text on the request from Press magazine, with a special focus on young photographers in search of their creative path)

Exactly now it is 25 years since my first paragliding flight. It was then, at the beginning of summer vacations in 1996, when Kamil Antkowiak gave me a wing and launched me into space from a small Kashubian hill near Sulęczyn. That was the beginning of an adventure that has lasted until today, during which I have cooperated with wonderful people, tested reality with my own body, had my ups and downs, played on the borderline between art, media and documentary photography, press and book publications and... 

... You can read about the road that leads from a mountain in Kashubia to a gallery in New York, how it is done, who you can (or should) meet on the way and what comes out of it in the longest article I have ever written, published in Press magazine. 

And HERE is the link to publish the text on my site